Slesa Ad.

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Unity Crowd Renderer

Real-time large crowd rendering (>10k) in Unity with significant improvement in performance over existing tools

  • Unity
  • Compute Shader
  • GPU Programming
  • C#


A 2D platform game in the world of mirrors that facilitate transcending dimensions. Each alternating dimension is flipped (upside down) from the previous.

  • Android
  • Game
  • Java


A web based application that allows users to create and share travel plans, as well as recommends the most fit plans for them

  • Webapp
  • Django
  • Maps API
  • Data Mining


A windows desktop app that allows users to perform tasks using only hand gestures

  • OpenCV
  • Gesture Recognition
  • C++


Partial 3D scene reconstruction from image/s

  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Virtual Reality
  • OpenGL
  • C++


An application that can separate individual vocal sources from a mixed audio file

  • Blind Signal Separation
  • Neural Networks
  • OpenCL
  • GPU Programming 256-513-2007 @slesaad @slesaad @saanostory